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Knox Whiskey Works is a small batch, craft distillery based in Knoxville, TN. Our mission is to harness the collective skill, passion and expertise of East Tennessee to create authentic, distinct and delicious hand-crafted spirits.


Led by our head distiller, we craft our spirits in small batches from locally sourced products. We work with local farmers and artisans to create unique spirits representative of East Tennessee.


Knox Whiskey Works is Knoxville's first (legal) distillery. Established in 2015, we craft award-winning Old City Heirloom Corn Whiskey from local corn. Once distilled, it is placed in new charred oak barrels to rest until it becomes bourbon. Along with our corn whiskey, we produce Jackson Ave Gin, Marble City Pink Gin, Cold City Old Brew Coffee Liqueur, Silver Release Bourbon, Gold Release Tennessee Whiskey, Deals Gap Dragon Tail  Whiskey, Dry Gap Gin, Fleur de Vie Liqueur, Tennessee Valley Vodka, Tennessee Tailgate Orange Flavored Vodka, Three Rivers Rum, and new products are always "in the Works."  Head to the "Spirits" page for more detailed information on each of our products. 


Crafted, Distilled and Bottled in East TN!

Distilling all of East Tennessee together in one bottle

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