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home bartender - We're Working on a Building {part one}

KWW External 2.jpg

Just like the Carter Family, we've been working on a building. Specifically, we've been working on 516 West Jackson Avenue in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. This will be the home of Knox Whiskey Works, Knoxville's first Craft Distillery! It's been an amazing and exciting time for us and we thought it might be nice to share some pictures of the work we've accomplished thus far. Below is where we began back in July 2014. Eager faces, strong backs and absolutely no idea of the amount of work we had signed on for!

Interior KWW Earliest_edited.jpg

We started demolition and cleaning out the old historic building straight away. Interestingly, it is thought our distillery space was at one time associated with the former McClung Warehouses that stood directly across Jackson Avenue until their untimely demise.

Interior KWW Demo early_edited.jpg

Demolition took a little longer than expected. Knoxville has a long history of fine architects and solid builders. The sturdiness of this stage was the proof of their ability.