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home bartender - celebrating San Giovanni Day in Kentucky

(The beautiful Jennings Hollow Farm in Monticello, Kentucky. Visit their booth Saturdays at Market Square Farmers Market in Knoxville, TN)

This weekend the Knox Whiskey Works Team loaded up in our

Nocino Machino and headed to Kentucky to visit our friends at Jennings Hollow Farm.

Chase, and family, at Jennings Hollow Farm operate a truly beautiful working farm near Monticello, Kentucky and make the trek to Knoxville every Saturday for the Market Square Farmer's Market. Shameless plug, I buy my eggs every week from Chase and they are OUTSTANDING. Jennings Hollow Farm sets up each Saturday about half way down Market Street from Market Square and they offer a wide variety of beautiful farm products for sale. However, this weekend we had a specific mission: begin celebrating San Giovanni Day and harvesting green walnuts so we can make Nocino this fall. Nocino is a delicious walnut liqueur most notably produced in and around Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, but can be found in many locations throughout Europe. Nocino is made from unripened green walnuts that are traditionally picked on June 24, San Giovanni Day.

The Jennings Hollow Farm is truly a magical and beautiful place!

No trip to the farm to celebrate San Giovanni Day would be complete without food, fun and fellowship!

KWW KY Farm Walnut Harvest 5.jpg
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