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home bartender - We're working on a building {part two}

KWW External 3.jpg

The build out of distillery has been moving right along. The floors are prepped, the concrete is just outside the front door and we are ready for the BIG POUR! New floors here we come. Knox Whiskey Works would like to thank Traditional Concrete for their great work on the concrete floor and Harrisons for the concrete material.

KWW Concrete Pour 1.jpg

A lot of thought goes into the process of laying concrete.

KWW Concrete Pour 2.jpg

KWW Concrete Pour 3.jpg

KWW Concrete Pour 4.jpg

Such a beautiful new floor...and look at that natural light streaming in.

KWW Concrete Pour 5.jpg

Here's a side by side of the concrete floor before and after.

Distillery construction.jpg

Once the floors were poured and allowed to cure, the framing could start and the electrical and plumbing could continue. Our general contractor, JCM Construction works to a very high standard and the fine folks at Sanders Plumbing and Audio Video Electrical (A.V.E.) have been up to the task. Below you have a view looking into the distillery side of the building. This area will be filled with a hot liquor tank, mash tun, stills and lots of pumps and hoses.

KWW Buildout Framing 3.jpg

Here's Jesse framing out the proofing room with lumber from Builders First Source.

KWW Buildout Framing 4.jpg

And here is a view from the distillery into the tasting room.

KWW Buildout Framing 1.jpg

The tasting room...this is where we will showcase the adaptability of our work in the distillery by making amazing cocktails. The taped areas are the "footprint" for the tasting room bar. We will also have a nice retail area for selling bottles and merchandise.

KWW Buildout Framing 6.jpg

The tasting room bar being framed out and the plumbers from Sanders hard at work.

KWW Buildout Framing 2.jpg

The tasting room bar is taking shape.

KWW Buildout Framing 5.jpg

The framing is almost complete. The plumbing and electrical rough ins are mostly complete. Inspections are next and then insulation, dry wall, finish carpentry, sealing the floor and moving in equipment...whoa!

Knox Whiskey Works Pan Framing 2.jpg

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